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July 9, 2020
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Baby child Sold for two lakhs by father!

Raiganj: Dad sold the baby who died in the accident for two lakh rupees! Although it sounds unbelievable, such an incident took place in Raiganj on Sunday night. The incident has caused a stir. Although the father of the dead child said, ‘The boy died in the accident. 

What will happen with the lawsuit? So I took two lakh rupees from the accused biker and settled it. ‘ However, the mother of the dead child objected to the settlement. However, the police have started investigating the incident. Strict action has been assured by the police.

According to local sources, the parents of the one-year-old child of Bhupalpur village of Itahar police station were going to attend a wedding in Gutin village of Hematabad on Sunday afternoon. When a bike coming from the opposite direction lost control and hit them on National Highway No. 34 in Rajbari Gate area of ‚Äč‚ÄčItahar Police Station, the child in the mother’s lap fell and fell on the construction material along the national highway. The stone went into his chest.

Locals rescued the three and took them to Raiganj Medical College. Although the husband and wife were released after initial treatment, the child’s condition remained critical and he was rushed to the surgical department of the medical college. After a short period of treatment, the condition deteriorated and the child was referred to North Bengal Medical College by the on-duty doctor.

Although the child was being taken to Malda Medical College by ambulance. He died on the way to Itahar. However, the autopsy could not be carried out due to the obstruction of the child’s father and local elders, said the ambulance driver and health workers. It is alleged that the child’s body was handed over to him in exchange for two lakh rupees. The man was again identified as an influential and local schoolteacher.

District police officials have launched an investigation to find out why the child’s body was not autopsied.

Raiganj Medical College doctor Sanjay Seth said, ‘The child was admitted to Raiganj Medical College with serious injuries. He was referred to North Bengal Medical College. Later I came to know that the family members took him to Malda Medical College.