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July 14, 2020
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Corona Update : Mithali Raj urges citizens on Corona, watch the video.

Mithali Raj ODI captain, Indian Railway captain of the women’s cricket team is requesting you not to travel by rail unless it is very important.
Please maintain social distance Ministry of indian railways has released videos in which the ODI captain of women’s cricket team is requesting everyone not to step out unless it is too important and also not to go on a useless journey untill it is very much important for. we must all be concerned that India is the second largest populated country in the world. no other country could have been affected what India will see if not taken care of all the warnings before emergence of hard days what Italy, US faced all these days, also UK, London are facing some massive attack of the viral disease Corona virus affecting thousands of people all around. we must always keep it in mind that we cannot be so irresponsible as we have the active responsibility to protect and keep our nation safe from the incurable disease. stay healthy, stay safe, stay at home. say no to coronoa.