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Jalpaiguri, IN
November 29, 2020

Corona’s stepped at the Mainaguri fire station

Mainaguri: This time Corona’s paw fell and fell at the Mainaguri fire station. Due to which all the services of Mainaguri fire station were stopped.

It is learned that Govinda Barman, an officer of the Mainaguri Fire Station, along with another worker went to the Mainaguri Rural Hospital a few days ago to test a saliva sample. At that time, saliva samples of both of them were tested. The report of the two arrived last night. The report of that worker came positive. However, there is no record of that worker going out. According to the Mainaguri Block Health Department, the body of a firefighter was found to have a corona infection. Arrangements are being made to send him to Jalpaiguri Kovid Hospital.

Meanwhile, all services of the Mainaguri Fire Station will be closed for the next 14 days, said Govinda Barman, an official of the Mainaguri Fire Station. Instead, if there is an urgent need for a fire brigade in Mainaguri, the firefighters from Jalpaiguri or Dhupguri will meet that demand.

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