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July 14, 2020
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Siliguri West Bengal

Massive loss is being caused, Says NBSTC

West Bengal : North Bengal State Transport Corporation said a huge loss is incurred while running busses between islampur and siliguri. On Saturday, NBSTC officials claimed that their fuel costs were not rising. There are fewer buses being taken to the road than before due to lack of passengers. NbSTC is also serving services to benefit passengers despite the increase in the number of damages. a large bus has 42 seats but 10 passengers also do not constitute together while trip.

We are taking buses down the road every day, but the oil money is not rising, said Ashutosh Dey, the Incharge of the Islampur Depot at NBSTC. There are official orders, so we have to drive the bus. No one is going out of the house without special needs. So the passenger is coming down. Moreover, with the roads now empty, many are driving 30-40 km of motorbikes, scooters to work or to destination. However, we are living in all kinds of health regulations to prevent the corona virus. We will also increase the number of buses as the number of passengers increases.

Public, private buses have been closed for nearly two and a half months since the lockdown began in the last week of March. The lockdown in the state has been relaxed since the first week of June. Since then, nbSTC authorities have been able to take down the bus and start passenger services on the orders of the state. Though private buses are not yet visible on the streets. Despite the damage, the public transport agency NBSTC has launched a service on the bus. But there’s not much of a passenger. NbSTC buses are miles away with some passengers. The Cost of Diesel while driving the bus is not rising to NBSTC, the Islampur Depot authority said.

The government bus was running aftyer 30 minutes each on the Islampur-Siliguri route at 7:30 am before the lockdown. But now there are six NBSTC buses. According to the Islampur Depot, 16 buses were used to come and go twice a day. There are 11 buses running all day. There are 42 seats in the city. No passengers can stand on the bus under official rule, even under the circumstances of the corona. No passengers can stand on the bus under official rule, even under the circumstances of the corona. All seats will allow passengers to sit. Even before standing, the passengers would walk the entire road. Both the conductors, the driver of the NBSTC bus, are wearing PPE. The depot staff claim to be sanitizing when they reach the bus depot with the passenger safety in mind.